How Teachers Scares Children

Three things teachers say to students to scare them

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Teachers use different methods to intimidate children as easy means of controlling them and forcing them to do what they want. One of these methods is telling the children 3 different lies that can be used separately or occasionally together, such as:

The Mice room:

If you do anything bad, +

If you don’t eat all your sandwitches, +

We will send you to the mice room and
leave you there!

If you don’t listen to the teacher, +

If you hit any of your friends, +

The mice room is the used punishment that is always used by preschoolers and primary school students. Children get scared when the teachers threaten them saying they will send anyone to the mice room. The teacher may start describing the room as dark and full of mice. The mice in there have the ability to eat the children. They are so hungry and waiting for anyone to enter the room to be eaten. But when we grew up we realized that there was no room with that name from the ground.

“El Selaawa”

It was not the only lie that was used to scare children in schools, but the phrase “We will take you to El Selaawa” comes in second place to terrify children. Selaawa is a real animal that have the dog’s intelligence and the ferocity of the wolf. This Selaawa lives up in a mountain area called Mokattam city in New Cairo. This argument is used by teachers more to intimidate the student especially when the student is a talkative, the teacher prefers to say to him: “If you don’t shut up, we will take you to El Sela’awa to eat you up”.

“The bird tells me everything”

This is another myth used by teachers to scare students to tell the truth. When a student turns to lie to his teachers, they begin to narrate this saying: “we know that you are a liar and a bird told us all about your lies”. A child may start telling the truth as he imagines that the bird will come later and talk to the teacher.

Usually the teachers scare children with Sela’awa when they lie:
А/  Right
B/  Wrong

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