Plums For Garbage


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Bulgarian folk tale

 There was a man who had a son. When the little kid grew up and it became time to get married, his father started figuring out how to find him a good wife. 

 He thought for a long time and finally an idea came into his mind. He filled a car with plums and went around the near villages to sell them. 

 ‘Plums for garbage, come on, I am selling plums for garbage.’

 Women, maidens, old ladies and wives started cleaning their houses and competing with each other who can bring more garbage, so that they would get more plums. 

 There was plenty of garbage. One of them brought a sack, other – a crate, third one – a full apron. They started saying to each other:

 ‘Look how much I have collected, thank God such a crazy trader  started cleaning their houses and competing 

 ‘I collected all this garbage and have twice as much left.’

 ‘Even if I clean everyday I won’t be able to get rid of all of the garbage from the house. I just gathered a little bit to have some plums.’

 The man kept gathering people’s garbage and giving them plums. He was happy, and cheerful. Everyone was having fun. 

 At some point a pretty girl came. She was holding a towel with a little bit of garbage in it and asked for plums. 

 ‘Hey girl, how many plums should I give you for this?

 ‘I would have brought more, Mr., but we do not have any at home. I helped our neighbours today and this is how much I gathered.’

 When the man heard this, he was amazed and very happy. This beautiful and hard-working young woman would be the best wife to his son. 

 He asked her parents for her hand for his son. She became a diligent and caring wife and they lived happily ever after. 

Why does the father choose the girl with the less garbage?

  1. Because she is the most beautiful one.
  2. Because she is the most hard-working one.
  3. Because she is from a wealthy family.

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