Eid al-Adha

Eid al-Adha

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Eid al-Adha is one of only two official festivals in Islam and it is an official holiday in all Arab countries. Muslims all over the world celebrate this day as it comes after Muslims perform pilgrimage to Mekka on the 10th of the month of Dhu al-Hijjah every Hijri year. As Muslims draw closer to God during the Eid to present their sacrifices, adorned with new clothes, and exchanging congratulations that the feast has came.

Muslims in all parts of the world salute Eid al-Adha in an atmosphere of joy and celebration.  Eid el Adha lasts for 4 days. On the first day of the feast, prayers are held, attended by everyone; children, men and women of all ages and skin colors from everywhere. Eid prayer is held in mosques and open squares. Children go out to sing in the streets and buy small toys. People go to the gardens and visit each other at the feast.

People share sacrifices and give them to the poor and the needy on the day of the Eid. The sacrifice can be cattle cannot be a type of cattle. The sacrifice is a symbol of redemption for the sake of Allah.

The story of the sacrifice can be traced back to prophet Abraham, peace be upon him, who obeyed the orders of Allah to sacrifice. Prophet Abraham gave birth to a boy named Ismail. He loved his son Ismail so much, and Ismael was the most precious to his heart. Prophet Abraham dreamed that he was slaying his son, and dreams of the prophets are right. He talked to his son about the dream. Ismael told his father “These are the commands of God, do what he ordered you to do”. Prophet Abraham stood up on Arafa mountain in preparation to sacrifice his son. God sent Abraham to to slaughter an animal as a sacrifice instead of his son.  Since then, the Muslims have offered sacrifices/slaughtered animals in the name of Abraham on Eid al-Adha.


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