El Naddaha /The caller


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El Naddaha “the caller” is one of the Egyptian myths that is widespread in farming villages. The Naddaha is a very beautiful young woman who mostly appears near canals to call a passing man and take him somewhere unknown, and on the next day, villagers may find the dead body of the man.  

In one of the villages of upper Egypt, a very active farmer called Hassan finished his work in his small farm where he was harvesting cotton and working on the few fruit trees he has around the field. It was very sunny, which made Hassan tired after working all day under the sun. He had a big smile on his face after the hard working day. Hassan started to walk back home between different fields along the canal. Hassan used to pass this way since he was a little child working with his father. 

Suddenly, he heard a strange human sound coming from the direction of the canal. Hassan looked around and he didn’t find anything, so he started wondering if it is one of the small foxes or probably one of the rats making a sound by the canal, so he looked again to the road and was about to start moving again when the voice was repeated. Hassan was confused and started walking towards the canal when the sound started to be clearer. Hassan felt so attracted to the woman’s voice asking him to get closer. Once Hassan reached the canal, his jaw dropped as his eyes were fixed on the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his life.

Hassan was fascinated by her charming beauty as if he had found his beloved, the one he was looking for. He started walking involuntarily towards her wishing to hug the woman who took his mind. The woman kept talking in a very beautiful voice asking him “come closer to me!”. The woman shifted her body towards Hassan and uttered her lips with words in a way he could not resist. Suddenly, this woman grabbed Hassan in the middle of the canal and started going down with Hassan. Nobody knows where this Naddaha went nor even the reason why she chose Hassan. The next morning, the village residents woke up on the news that Hassan disappeared to reach the conclusion that Hassan disappeared because El Naddaha has called him.

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El Naddaha is:

  1. A woman from the countryside
  2. A real person
  3. Fictional character
  4. All of the above

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