Myths around pregnancy and giving birth

Myths around pregnancy and giving birth

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Every couple wishes to have a child, and usually friends, parents and neighbors of the pregnant women share their advice after they learn about the pregnancy, that in many cases can affect pregnancy or giving birth. We will cover here some of these myths:

“You need to take care of the two of you, you and the baby”

When parents and family learn about woman’s pregnancy, they share a very common tip with her to eat all day because the child needs food. But studies show that pregnant women need the same amount of calories they needed before birth, only 300 extra calories a day not more.

“Your nose is getting bigger, you are pregnant with a boy “

People always try to guess the sex of the baby and share it with the pregnant women. Scientifically, the bigger nose can be attributed to the physiological changes that occur during the pregnancy in the woman’s body, and therefore has nothing to do with the sex of the baby. 

The husband is forbidden to be in the presence of his wife with raw meat

Some people believe that it can prevent the woman from breastfeeding.

“The baby is lazy”

Pregnant women usually start to feel “the baby kicks” from the fourth month. The number of movements may increase during the seventh month, and begins to weaken in the eighth and ninth months because of the size of the baby, which drive other women to suggest to the pregnant woman not to worry “the baby is just lazy”.

Pregnancy cravings

Some women eat certain foods and sometimes unusual foods during pregnancy. However many studies have been conducted to confirm that it has no real or scientific reason to make women want to eat specific food. Perhaps the reason for the craving is the psychological changes that the pregnant women face. These changes can be translated into complex strange requests. For example, pregnant woman may crave non-seasonal fruits.

Some foods speed up giving birth

This is not true at all. People may advise pregnant woman to eat eggs in the ninth month as it can speed up the process and shorten the waiting time for the pregnant to give birth. Eggs are a food that can cause indigestion and bloating, which increases the risk of premature birth and can affect the pregnant’s health in such a critical time.

Celebrating that the baby has turned 7 days old

Every family hold a celebration 7 days after the birth of the baby. It is believed that the baby starts hearing after 7 days so the family must have a party to alert the child and put a “gold ring” in his ears. The grandmother may hold the child and ask the baby to listen to his father and mother.

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Usually women around the pregnant woman explain that the baby will be a boy because:

  1. The pregnant woman’s belly is getting bigger.
  2. The pregnant woman is craving specific foods.
  3. The baby needs food.
  4. The pregnant woman’s nose is getting bigger.

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