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Albeta’a is a brilliant word means everything and anything at anytime and anywhere, at first sight it seems meaningless but its usage exceeds the other synonymous slangs that have no origin in Arabic language or even the words that been inherited from different languages, and almost there is no one don’t use this word in daily conversation.

 It’s a definable word, you can use the word “Al beta’a” to indicate something that obvious for both the speaker and the listener but the speaker forgot  its name that’s why he could use the word al beta’a to describe it. For example he could say: Albeta’a is going to Giza, so in that case it means this bus is going to Giza.

Or Albeta’a that I have eaten is indescribable, and here it may have two meaning: that thing he had eaten could be good or bad.
The word “Albeta’a” has some bad reputation because of its usage could mean that the user of this word suffering from bad memory or lack of his/her vocabulary dictionary, that he/she could not have the chance to express his/her thoughts widely.
Some people using this word in insulting and underestimate others, rather than calling them with their names they say: That Albeta’a thinks he is a genius, means: This “thing” thinks he is a genius.

There are many usages of Albeta’a:
It could be used to describe the ownership, like: The book “Beta’a” Hitler, means that book that Hitler have. Or the shop “Beta’a” clothes, means: that shop is selling clothes. Or also The Teacher beta’a Science, means that teacher who teaching science.
Also you can use it in questioning things, for example: Beta’a those bills? Means what those bills are for?
Or you can use them in questioning and disapproval at the same time, like: Beta’a I have to work on the weekend? Means refusing to go to work on weekend: For what I have to work on the weekend?
For Egyptians the word “Albeta’a” has many usages in different life aspects, even it has been used in pastoral and political poems, and till days people still using this word in their daily conversation. 


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What does the word “Albeta’a” means in this sentence: The book “Beta’a” Hitler?

  1. The book that Hitler had wrote.
  2. The book that Hitler had read.
  3. The book that Hitler have.





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