Goha Anecdotes

Goha Anecdotes

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Goha is a traditional character of a comedian who exists in many ancient cultures, and has been attributed to many personalities who lived in different eras and communities. Most people and cultures have designed their own “Goha”, in accordance with the nature of culture and social life conditions. Although the names vary, and the storyline may also be different, the clever, intelligent sarcastic character of Goha, who claims to be foolish, and always walks alongside his donkey, does not change. 

Goha exists in other cultures such as in the beloved Gabrovo of Bulgaria, Artin Armenia with the tongue of Salit, Aro Yugoslavia the Buster, and Gokha in Italy and Malta. Also, in the character of Nasruddin Khoja in Turkey, and Mullah Nasr religion in Iran. In Arabic literature, Goha attributed Abu El Ghosn Dujain al-Fizari,. as the oldest Goha characters to whom Arab jokes are attributed.

From the stories of Goha:

Ask him one day: What is your horoscope? He said: bellwether. They wondered: But there is no horoscope in the stars named like that. He replied: As a child, they told me that my horoscope was Capricorn. Now that forty years have passed, there is no doubt that the Capricorn of that time grew up and became a bellwether.

The prince of the country claimed that he has a great extent of eloquence to write   poetry. Once Goha was in the presence of the prince, and read one of his poems. The prince asked Goha: Don’t you think that this is so eloquent? Goha looked back at him and replied: Yeah, it does not has the minimal standard of rhetoric. The prince felt so angry and ordered to lock Goha up in the stable. He was held captive for a month and then brought him out. On another day the prince organized a poetry reciting gathering and sang it to Goha, so Goha stood up quickly. The Prince asked him: “Where are you going, Goha?” Goha replied “To the stable, sir.”

The Kufa prince, a city in Iraq called Goha to his council. Goha came to the council with his donkey. The governor ordered him to leave his donkey out, he said “I have called you, Goha leave your your donkey outside as we need to talk about something. Goha looked to the governor and told him: This is why I came to you, I ask you to give my donkey a wage. Goha said: “I can teach this donkey to read and write within ten years”. The governor asked: Ten years? Goha confirmed: Yes governor, you authorize me to teach him, but you will have to give my donkey a wage in advance for that. 

Finally, the prince ordered Goha and his donkey to be forced out his palace. People approached him and asked: “Goha, aren’t you afraid of not teaching your donkey how to read and write? he may punish you if you did not meet what you said. Goha replied: I told him ten years, during this period, the governor may die or I die, or my donkey dies.

At one night, Goha felt of a thief in his house, so he went to the closet and hid in it. The thief searched for something to steal, but he did not find anything valuable. He went to the closet and opened it, and he was surprised to see Goha hiding there. The thief was confused and surprised so he asked: What are you doing here? Goha looked at him and said: Do not blame me, I knew that you will not find anything to steal and therefore, I hid in shame from you.


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-Goha is a fantasy character not related to reality by any chance, and it has been invented by different cultures:

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