Mawlid – Prophet’s Birthday

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Mawlid is considered to be one of the most famous religious events celebrated by Muslims in various Arab countries, and across the world. Mawlid is an occasion where the birthday of a righteous person is celebrated. The birth of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) – born on the 12th of the first month of Rabee I – is the most famous Mawlid of these celebrations.

The prophet’s birthday celebrations is about remembering the prophet and his grand family. The celebration differed from an era to another, and from one country to another. The Prophet’s birth is considered an official holiday in most Arab countries.

The celebration in Egypt has many manifestations, where families and relatives give each other special sweets, made for this day, and other kinds of food. People usually go to the mosque to meet sheikhs and preachers, and attend sessions of religious lessons that narrate stories about the Prophet Muhammad. These sessions also include reading the Holy Quran, and praising the prophet through remembering his life and the different events that happened through his life. People in villages and small cities have their own way of celebrations. Usually, people hold a big gathering and design games and competitions for the children. And parents go with their children to spend a pleasant time and enjoy various types of celebrations.

Specific food for each special occasion or feast, this applies too to the case of the prophet’s birthday Since it is traditional in Egypt to prepare spays. Sweets are usually made in the shape of a doll. This doll is shaped in the form of a girl wearing a wedding dress and decorated with many sweets and Colors.


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-In which days muslims celebrate  ElMoled “ Prophet’s Birthday” :

  1. 1st of Rabee II
  2. 20th of Rabee I
  3. 12th of Rabee I

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