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Manga has been a major part of the Japanese cultural identity, that some people spend their money to know more about this interesting culture, so that manga helped the country to be one of the largest exporters of cultural products. And for that reason it has become a mainstay of Japanese economy and culture.

What is the Manga Art?

Some resources show that the origin of the Manga is goes back to series of drawings produced by hermit in the 6th and 7th century, where they used them as a calendar and they were designed with animals’ characters and sometimes it had scenarios and that what first known as visual arts and now called “Manga”, yet the term itself was first used by the famous artist “Hokusai” in 12th and 13th century and it literally means whimsical pictures. But recently the term “Manga” is used to describe the picture book or picture books designed in Japanese form.

Although modern manga came during the US occupation of Japan between 1945 and 1952, following the World War II the Japanese manga has been developed because of one of the best and successful manga artists “Osamu Tezuka” who was inspired by Disney work and Fletcher brothers in West, while he is the one who invented the distinctive large heads and eyes with expressive facial expression and known as the God of Manga for other artists.

After spreading the manga and increasingly large readership for it was established, leading to the division into two genres according to the readers age and gender. There are Manga for adult, boys, girls, ladies and even kids, and Boys manga called “Shonen” and can be read by girls , and girls manga “Shojo” can be also read by boys, and the same for other genders and ages.

Some people mix between the two terms Manga and Anime, but Anime means cartoons and animated comics of many kinds, but in the West they just use it to describe only the Japanese animation Like “ The detective Conan” Anime. That type of Art started at the beginning of fiftieth by its God father the writer and director Osamu Tezuka, and one of his famous works in the Middle East is “Kimba the white lion”.


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The Question:

Who is the first one used the term Manga?

  1. Osamu Tezuka.
  2. Hokusai.
  3. Naoko Takeuchi.

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