Romolo and Remo

Romolo and Remo

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This legend narrates the origin of Rome…

In the town of Alba Longa, in central Italy, there was a king named Numitore, which had a son and a daughter. Numitore’s brother, called Amulio, was very envious of him, so he decided to use violence and kicked him off the throne. Since he was a very evil man, he also killed Numitore’s son and forced the king’s daughter to become a priestess, in order to prevent her from getting married and have an offspring. However, the god Mars made her pregnant and she gave birth to twins. Amulio, then, ordered that they be thrown in the river Tiber. Once in the water, though, the god of the river married the princess and made her immortal, whereas the twins, wrapped up in a basket, safely arrived on a quiet riverbank. The babies had not eaten in a long time and they were screaming with hunger, when a she-wolf approached them. Instead of attacking them, the animal breastfed them and protected them. 

Soon, a shepherd noticed them and brought them home. His wife and he did not have any children, so they raised the twins as if they were their sons. They named them Romolo and Remo. The twins grew healthy and strong, and were very fond of their adoptive parents. One day they met the former king of Alba Longa, Numitore: he recognized them as their nephews and told them about their royal origin. After this incredible discovery, Romolo and Remo decided that it was the time to re-establish the legitimate king. They went to Alba Longa, killed the tyrant Amulio and Numitore got back the king’s title. Then, the twins went back to the place where the she-wolf had saved them and there they founded Rome.

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Questions: Who was Numitore?

  1. The king of Rome
  2. The tyrant of Alba Longa
  3. The father of Romolo and Remo
  4. The king of Alba Longa

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