The origin of Panettone

The origin of Panettone

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Panettone is an Italian type of sweet bread loaf typical of Christmas time. It is very soft and filled with raisins and candied citron fruit. If you visit Italy during that period of the year, you should definitely try it! It is originally from Milan, and the following legend narrates how it was invented…

We are in Milan at the end of the XV century, when the city is ruled by Duke Ludovico the Moor. It is the 24th December and the court has gathered to celebrate Christmas Eve. A rich banquet has been prepared, with all sort of goods: delicious soups, meat and vegetables delicacies. The guests are extremely satisfied and they are looking forward to the dessert. Unfortunately, though, the cake is completely burnt. So, the cooks are desperate because they do not have enough time to prepare another one and they are worried of how the duke will punish them. But a young servant named Toni approaches them, saying: “I can help you! I can offer you the sweet bread loaf I made with the remainings of your cake, to which I added eggs, raisins and candied citrons.It is very simple, but it will still be better than nothing…”. The cooks accept the offer immediately and they present Toni’s cupole-shaped dessert to the guests. The sweet bread loaf is extremely soft and it smells amazing. Everybody is delighted, especially the duke and the dutchess. Thus, Toni’s bread (or pan de Toni, in Milan dialect), the dessert made out of remainings, spread all over Milan and Italy, becoming the famous panettone

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According to the legend, to which of the characters is the name “panetton” linked?

  1. To the duke Ludovico
  2. To the cooks of the court
  3. To the servant Toni

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