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After Adam had sinned, by eating the fruit of Good and Evil, God had to create Death. But Death did not want to accept such a bad mission: “Please, God, don’t make me kill people! Everybody will hate me and they will try and kick me out every time I approach a house… I would have such a miserable life! I don’t want to do that… Plus, humans are your creatures, you should take care of that!”. God answered her: “Do not worry, Death, nobody in the world will think that it is your fault. They will blame the age, the cold, the heat, the food, me, a medicine that they took or a medicine they did not take. And especially, they will blame doctors”. 

So, Death was convinced and she happily started to do her job. She never takes vacation or celebrates festivities, as she is always busy working, cutting lives as the sickle does with the grass. 

Tags: death; God; work. 

Question:  In God’s opinion, what/who will be blamed the most for the death of people?

  1. Doctors
  2. Medicines
  3. Age

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