Scazzamurello in love

Scazzamurello in love

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Scazzamurello is a character belonging to the Puglia region folklore (in South Italy). He is a little elf that can fly and also be very irritating…

Once upon a time there was a woman that had a beautiful daughter, so good looking and kind that even Scazzamurello fell in love with her. Every night he was flying around her room, and the girl became quite annoyed by that. “Mother, what can I do to get rid of him?”. “You should ask for lids, my darling. Usually Scazzamurello brings lids when you ask for money, and money when you ask for lids!”. So, the following night the girl asked the little creature to bring her some lids, and she received many many golden coins. That was not bad, but she didn’t get what she wanted, as the elf was always next to her. The following night Scazzamurello asked her: “What’s your name, beautiful girl?”. She answered: “My name is Myself”. “Ah, what a weird name! But it sounds good”, the elf replied. 

The girl re-asked her mother advice for getting rid of the creature, and the wise woman planned another strategy. The following day the girl started cooking frittelle, since she knew that Scazzamurello liked them a lot. He ate some and complimented the girl: “Oh, you are not just beautiful and nice, but also very skillful in the kitchen! Well done! Can I help you somehow?”. The girl answered:”Well, I am planning to fry more dough, would you mind checking if the oil is ready?”. “Of course not!”, the little elf answered, and then he approached the big pan. In that moment the girl pushed him, and he fell inside it. He started shouting, asking for help, and other elfs who were nearby heard him and asked: “What happened? Who is the cause of your pain?”.”Myself!”, answered the creature. “Well, if you are the cause of your pain we cannot do anything for you”. So they left him and the girl finally got rid of Scazzamurello. 

Tags: elf; love; girl; lid; money; pan; frittelle; trick.

Question: What does Scazzamurello bring if you ask for money?

  1. Paper
  2. Iron
  3. Lids

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