The frog and the prince

The frog and the prince

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Once upon a time there were a husband and a wife who loved each other a lot, but they were a bit sad because they did not have children. The man was a peasant and his wife brought him lunch to the field every day. One day, while passing by a pond, the woman heard some frogs singing, and their melody was so beautiful that she thought: “Oh, I wish I could at least give birth to a frog!”. After some time, the woman became pregnant, and imagine what happened, when the nine months had passed? She gave birth to a frog! The father at the beginning was quite angry: “Look at what you did! Instead of a baby, we have a frog!”, but his wife answered: “I don’t care, I will still love her, as she is our daughter”. Time passed and also the father started loving her, as she was a very kind and obedient child. The little frog also learned the way to the field and used to bring lunch to her father. After that, he used to put her on the tree, where she marvelously sang while he was working. (“Laaaa, lalalaaa, lala laaa, la la laaa”)

One morning the little frog was at home and as usual she was singing with her beautiful voice. At that moment a prince was passing by with his entourage and stopped to listen to this amazing concert. He really wanted to know who was singing, so he decided to enter the house from which the music was coming from. He rang the bell and the frog’s mother opened him the door: “Your majesty, what could I do for you?”. The prince answered: “I would like to know: who is the girl that is singing so beautifully?”. The mother said: “Well, she is my beloved daughter”. “Really? Can I see her? If I like her I will marry her”. “Ah, dear prince, I will show you my daughter just after you swear that you will marry her”. “Why would I? If I haven’t seen her yet!”. “In this case I will not introduce her to you”. The prince didn’t know what to do, as he didn’t want to swear on something unknown, but at the same time he really wanted to see the woman’s daughter, and he thought that for sure such a beautiful voice had to belong to a beautiful girl. So he swore he would marry her and her mother called her daughter. The little frog, jump after jump, descended the stairs and stood in front of the nobleman. “What is this?”, screamed the prince, with disgust. “That’s my daughter, sir”, answered the mother. “But it’s a frog!”. “Well, now it’s too late to complain, you swore to marry her”. “Poor me! What did I do! Ok, since I swore that I will do it in a week…”, said the prince, and left, full of desperation.  

On the agreed day, he came back to the future bride, who told him: “I know you are ashamed of me, so I can come to the castle by myself, we can see each there. I just need some thread, a little box and four mice”. The prince agreed on that and immediately ordered what the frog had asked, then came back to the castle. After that, the frog took the little box and the thread and created a very cute mini carriage, put the mice as horses and ran on it towards the prince’s house. Along the way three fairies saw her, and they started laughing at her. “Look at it! A frog bride! Never seen something similar!”, said the first. “You have to recognize that she has style, though. Come on, let’s help her! I will turn her box-carriage in a real one”, said the second. “And I will turn the mice in real horses”, said the third one. “Well, I guess I can’t help but to turn her in a real princess”, said the first one, so in the end the frog became a beautiful girl, elegantly dressed, in a golden carriage drawn by strong white horses. When she arrived at the castle, the prince was hiding in his room. “Come on, son, your fiance has come! Don’t be late!”, said the king, “She is very beautiful, I don’t understand why you said she was ugly”. “The prince thought his father was making fun of him, but still came out and went towards the ceremony room. There he heard the beautiful voice he fell in love with, but this time it wasn’t a frog producing it, but an attractive girl. “What happened, my darling?”, the prince asked. The princess briefly told him about the magic the fairies had done and then the two hurried to the altar. They got married and lived happily ever after. 

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Question: What is the job of the frog’s father?

  1. Shepard
  2. Peasant
  3. Singer

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