The Bread Lake

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Back when the Earth had only been recently created, there was no permanent place for lakes. They were floating in the air and looking for a place on earth to land on.

It was the time of afternoon tea, and the sky was filled with black clouds. In front  of the clouds was flying a big bird, who was calling: ‘’Run away, the lake is coming!’’ Around the town of Limbazi, fish started to fall from the sky. People, being aware that the lake is going to land there, were running away. A ploughman from ‘’Unguri’’ house was also escaping, and he left a loaf of bread in the field. The lake settled there. The water of the lake was rippling, and the lake was asking what its name was. People were saying a lot of names, but they could not guess it.

On the third day, as the lake had not heard his name, it wanted to fly away. The ploughman said: “Let it fly away, maybe I will be able to find my bread.’’ Once the lake heard the word ‘’bread’’, the waters in the lake were calm, and the lake decided to stay in this place. Now the people knew that the name of the lake was ‘’the Bread Lake.’’

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