How the Bird Mountain was created?

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At one time the Devil  took a liking to the birds created by the God,  and he decided to keep some in his kingdom – hell, as well. But the birds could not  stand the strong odour of sulphur and dropped dead. Then the Devil decided to build a new home above the ground and to accommodate the birds there. The only issue was that he did not know what materials to use for building, because there were not enough stones nearby. Finally, he thought about clay. The weather was nice and sunny, so his abode was ready soon. Then the Devil caught  many birds and let them in his home to live there. The God got angry and ordered his servant – the Rain to destroy the Devil’s home. The Rain obeyed the order, and soon the Devil’s abode collapsed. From this clay a mountain formed. The birds managed to escape at the last moment and survived, but as they had fallen in love with the place so much, they settled to live in the mountain. And this is why people started to call it the Bird Mountain.

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