Pastor is Brought to Heaven

Pastor is Brought to Heaven

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Once a pastor wanted to get to heaven whilst being alive. The pastor had a guest at the house to whom he told about his wishes – that he would pay a large sum of money to get to heaven alive. Pastor’s coachman overheard this, and said to the pastor that he could bring him to heaven, if he was paid a lot of money. The pastor agreed to pay as much as the coachman wanted. Then they agreed to meet at midnight in church.

On the agreed night the coachman took a sack and three candles. He went to the church first, lit up the candles and waited for the pastor to arrive. The pastor came at twelve and carried with himself a lot of gold and silver things. The coachman told him that the pastor is not going to be able to take the gold and silver items with him to heaven, but he needs to get naked and get into the sack instead, and then he will be carried there. The pastor did as he was told, took off his clothes and got into the sack. The coachman dragged the sack with the pastor in it around the church and then through fields. The pastor started asking: “Are we there yet?’’

‘’It’s still far away’’, replied the coachman. There was a pond on their way. The coachman dragged the pastor around the pond in such a way that the sack touched the water, whereas the coachman was avoiding the water by walking along the edge of the pond. As he could not stand getting wet, the pastor asked the coachman what was happening. 

‘’Be patient, be patient! You cannot get to heaven without any suffering. It is the River Jordan, which is wide.’’

Then the coachman dragged the sack by a farm, the pastor heard bleating goats and asked: ‘’What is this noise?”

The coachman responded: ‘’They are the angels of heaven.’’

Afterwards the coachman carried the sack into a cattle-shed and  hanged it on a peg, and told the pastor to be patient and wait for Saint Peter to bring him to heaven. After having said that, the coachman ran away. In the morning women came to milk the cows. When they saw the sack hanging  and it started to move, the women started to call for help. A couple of people came, took the sack down and found the pastor naked on the inside. Whereas the coachman became rich due to gold and silver things he had taken from the pastor. 

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Question: How did the coachman get rich?

  1. By helping the pastor get to heaven.
  2. By fooling the pastor.
  3. By finding some gold and silver things.

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