The Big Fish 

The Big Fish

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Once upon a time a fisherman got lost at the sea. He sailed to a peculiar looking island and saw a strange fish with its tail up. When the fish saw the fisherman, it asked where he was coming from. He answered that he was from Riga. Then the fish wanted to know:

Is the city of Riga ready?

No, the big sand hills have to be built up. 

When will it be done?

‘’I do not know. Why are you asking this?’’

‘’When Riga is ready, I will hit the water with my tail, therefore flooding the city of Riga’’.

The fisherman walked through the island and was about to go home, when he met the fish again.

‘’If you promise me to tell when Riga is ready, I will bring you to the Daugava river. But be careful and don’t say anyone what we talked about.’’

The fisherman agreed to this and the fish brought him to the Daugava river.  The fisherman was a babbler, and told about the fish to other people, so many tried to look for it. They crossed the whole sea, but nobody could find it. 

Probably after 100 years it will hit the water with its tail, and Riga will be flooded. 

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