The Blind Lake

The Blind Lake

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Approximately eight kilometers from Jaunjelgava Taurkalne forest is located. In the middle of the forest there is a deep and oblong lake. One cannot get to the lake, because it is surrounded by a swamp. During the time of the dead a bright, small light used to shine.

A couple of hundred years ago there was a hill. On the top of the hill was a big palace with a garden. In the castle a king with his beautiful daughter lived. In order to protect the castle from enemies, the king ordered to build a high rampart around it. He hired nine workers for the job. They worked for nine months until they finished the big work. The king ordered for the workers to keep quiet about this. The workers promised not to say anything, but the king didn’t trust them and  made them blind.

The workers damned the castle, and it immediately sank together with its garden. In the place of the castle a deep lake appeared. If somebody will guess the correct name of the castle, it will rise up again. Nobody has been able to do it so far. This is how the name Blind lake came into existence.

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Question: Why did the castle sink?

  1. Because nobody could guess its correct name.
  2. Because it is surrounded by a swamp.
  3. Because the workers damned it.

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