The Silver Mountain

The Silver Mountain

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A long time ago, where there is a mountain now, used to be a beautiful silver palace. The palace was ruled by a powerful and harsh lord. He made his workers toil from an early morning till evening. The lord also hated old and poor people. They couldn’t come near the palace, or otherwise they were being tortured and with dogs. 

On one early Sunday morning an old man knocked on the gate of the palace. The lord happened to be next to the gate and asked, why is the man there. The old man asked for some food and hospitality. The lord yelled at him to leave this isn’t a place where poor people are fed. He also threatened to unleash the dogs.

Then the man replied ‘’Let this palace sink forever together with its lord! The palace will be able to rise again only if its correct name is called.’’

The palace instantly sank and in its place a mountain appeared. As the palace had been made of silver, the mountain was given the name Silver Mountain.

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