Where does the Great Bear constellation come from?

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Wolves can’t eat a saddled horse. Once a very long time ago, a wolf was terribly hungry.He walked and wondered if he should kill or find a rabbit. At the very last moment he saw a horse and became very happy. But, once he came closer, he saw that the horse was saddled. The wolf wanted to go further but his stomach roared. He shook  his tail and attacked the horse. He couldn’t even get a bite when the horse along with wolf and carriage went up to the sky. The horse and carriage stayed up at the sky. You can’t see the horse because it was black. You can see the carriage. They are awry because the horse, scared of the wolf, turned sideways. The wolf fell down on earth and heavily injured himself to the point where he couldn’t move for a very long time. At the end the wolf promised – never eat a saddled horse. 

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