Work, Common Sense and Hate

Work, Common Sense and Hate

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Once upon a time people weren’t working, but just wandering around. They were being lazy all day just watching how birds and animals were working and rivers running. But one day a young man came and said that the people should learn from animals and birds and start working themselves as well. This young man was called Work. Work encouraged people to cultivate the land. The people followed his suggestion and went to a valley, where they started to break up the soil with their bare hands and planting the crops. But despite their hard work, floods started and the crops were under water.  

After that Work sent people behind the forest to meet his brother named Common Sense. Common Sense taught people to sow the crops in higher places and also gave people a cow with sweet milk, a horse that would help with work, and a sheep that would provide wool for clothes.

The people did what Common Sense had told them. They sowed the crops in higher places and they were growing well. The people harvested the crops and were thinking how to divide them. But while they were thinking about it, an old man named Hate came and undertook the division of the crops. S

Hate put the crops in two heaps and gave the smallest one to young people, whereas the bigger one – to the older people. Everyone started to fight over the fact that the biggest heap was given to the old people, because they had worked less than the young ones. And this is how Hate has always stayed with people. 

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