A quick work is a shame for the master

A quick work is a shame for the master

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     Once upon a time, there was a father who went to a carpenter and ordered a cradle for his child. After a long bargain, they reached an agreement.

     “Listen, workman. I will give you as much money as you wanted. Be very precise and make the cradle as soon as possible,” the man said.

    “You won’t get any bad work from me, friend,” the carpenter answered. “However, it won’t happen quickly. Work done quickly shames the worker.”

      “I know, I know,” the father agreed,”but do your best to be ready sooner.”

     As he said that, the man left. After a week he returned to get his cradle.

     “It isn’t ready yet,” the workman said.

     “Why?” the father asked.

    “I already told you. I’m not one of those craftsmen who race against the clock and don’t care about the final result. Work done quickly shames the worker.”

      A month passed. The father went again to seek the cradle.

     “You should wait a little longer. Good work doesn’t happen quickly.”

     And the father waited. Months passed, then a year. Finally, the man gave up. The child started walking and no longer needed a cradle.

     Time slipped away. The son grew up. It was time he got married. His father found a good wife for him. They had a baby. The son started seeking a cradle for his child.

     “Listen, son,” his father told him,”when you were born I ordered a cradle to the carpenter for you. Go and check. If it’s ready, take it.”

     The son went to the carpenter.

     “Workman, when I was born my father ordered a cradle here. If it’s ready, give it to me because I need it for my child.”

     “Ready?!” the carpenter shouted angrily. “Your child has just been born and you want the cradle right away. I have told your father, now I repeat to you – I don’t like to do the job in a rush. Work done quickly shames the worker. And a good name is the only thing I live for.”

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Question: Why does the carpenter say the words ‘’Work done quickly shames the worker.’’

  1. To set an example 
  2. To tell a story
  3. To excuse himself

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