Lie legs are short

Lie legs are short

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An old man named Deliu had three sons. They were strong men, they ate well, but did not do any work. They were always lying beneath the thick shadows, and their minds were always elsewhere. Each morning, as he went to the field, Grandpa Deliu left them one loaf and said:

– Eat, boys, while I’m alive and can provide for you!

But when the old man died, the three brothers were at a loss at what to do.

– What now? Said the eldest.

– Let’s go to the field! – the youngest one spoke.

– Which field? – Asked the middle one.

– The one our father used to work one

– What are we going to do there?

– We’ll sow grain, and we’ll wait for it to ripen.

– Then? – the eldest man interrupted him impatiently.

– We will reap the fields, we will tie the wheat to the sheaves, we will take the grain to a mill, we will ripen it in flour, and from the flour we will make such large loaves.

– Eh, impossible – shook his elder’s head, we will die of starvation before we get the loaves.

– Then how will we make our living? – asked the youngest.

– With lies, my boy. We are three smartheads, and the world is full of fools. We’ll lie to all, and we’ll fill our bellies.

– And after that?

– Then we’ll find other fools.

They left their father’s house, dropped the breadth of the field and set off on their way. They went all day and came to a village. They knocked on the first door. The landlord came out.

– What are you looking for? – he asked.

– We are passengers. Do you accept us to spend the night in your home? Said the eldest.

– Get in! – the owner said to them – My home is tiny, but I’ll find a place for you, but we have no dinner and I do not know what to do for you.

– We are not one of those who travel – said the middle brother, we want a roasted egg.

The hostess baked three eggs in a hurry and put a bread in front of the guests. The brothers wrapped the eggs, swallowed them quickly, and started to look around.

– What’s wrong? – the host asked them.

– You have very small eggs! – said the eldest.

– They are small because they are from a chicken, not from buffalo. And yours?

– Ours are like watermelons. Five people can’t eat an egg – swallowed them quickly

– And what are the hens? – the hostess asked.

– They are like cows.

– World wide – all kinds of hens! – he shook his head, knowing what kind of people he had to do, and urged his wife to put in the guests because they were tired of the road.

– We’re tired, we’re tired, said the second brother, but how will we sleep hungry? You’d have baked us for a sausage.

– Oh, there were sausages, and we’d have a meal! – the hostess sighed.

– It’s a wonderful thing, the peasants are hanging around in their homes with their rods instead of rods, he lied.

– I was in the morning, said the youngest, and I looked out the window, saw a dog eat and growl – half a hedge of the garden had been devoured by night. If you will, believe it!

– How can I not believe, the host whispered under the mustache, come on, now, your night!

In the morning, the brothers went early and escaped without forgiving the host.

– There’s no food for us! – they said, and walked down the fields. They walked for a long time and approached a plowman, who ran his field with two oxen.

– Do you want to steal one of his ox? – said the eldest.

– How? – asked the youngest.

– Very easy. I will go to that meadow and start screaming, “Miracle! Miracle!” When he hears me, he will leave his oxen and come to me to know what the miracle is, and at that time you take his better ox and steal him.

Then the voice of the elder brother was heard over the meadow:

– Miracle! Miracle!

The poacher halted the plow, left his oxen, and headed for the meadow.

– Well, brother – the astonished man asked – what did you shout about?

– To you! Replied the eldest brother.

– Why am I a miracle?

– Where do you plow with only one ox?

– How about one? I have two oxen!

– Not two, but one. Since I’m calling, you’re only wading with an ox. Go see if you do not believe it!

As the eldest brother and the plowman spoke, the other two snatched one of the ox.

The plowman went to his field, and his eldest brother fell into the deep valley. In that place the liars killed the ox and scratched it. The largest one ordered the smallest:

– You will bake the ox, and we and your brother will go to find bread and wine. When we get back, we’ll be very busy

They both headed for the nearby town. The average went to a bakery, where they took bread for the soldiers.

– I am – he said – the new soldier supplier. The old vendor has led me to take the loaves.

– Take them! Said the baker. That sack, the full one, is for the soldiers. Dig it because it hinders me.

The liar took the sack and carried it to the door. At this time, the largest one bought a pitcher on the market, filled it to half with water and slipped into the first tavern.

– Do you have a nice screw? – he asked the chef.

– My wine is very good – he replied.

– Give me that, if it is.

– Pay! – said the seller.

– I can’t now – said the eldest brother, but on my return I will pay you back. I am a merchant. Do not you trust me?

– No, of course! – said the seller. If you have no money, return the wine!

– Let me bring it back to you, the liar agreed. And he poured half of the wine that had been diluted, 

Then he went to other taverns. Repeated the same story. He poured and poured out until the water in the pit turned into a sparkling wine, and returned to his brothers. All Sunday, the brothers spent in the valley until they finally ate the ox.

– Now, I’m sick of a chicken! – the oldest brother yawned, and turned again to the smallest. Then he said to him to put the fire on fire, his brother will go for wine, and himself will go to the chicken market.

The younger brother put the dry wood, and the two of them went again to the city. The average brother went to a tavern with the jug, and the biggest went to the market. He glimpsed and saw a peasant who had five hens with tied legs.

– These hens are for the king! – said the eldest. – Follow me!

– Where? – the peasant asked.

– In the metropolis. There, the king will pay them to you.

– What kind of worker are you?- asked the vendor.

– I am Servant. – the liar replied.

They reached the kingdom. Before the door the liar said to the peasant:

– Wait a minute to tell the king that you brought the hens.

And he went inside. He knocked on the door.

– What’s wrong? – a bearded head appeared.

– Dear king, I brought you a great sinner to confess. Can he come in?

– Maybe! – replied the king.

The liar jumped out and pushed a peasant:

– Come in, he said, the king counts your money, and the hens give to me, to slaughter them, because at noon nine horns will come to us.

The peasant handed the hens and walked quietly to the kneeling room. He knocked and went in.

The king measured him with his eyes and asked:

– How many?

– Five, the villager said.

– Only five? I think it’s too little.

– A little, dear king , but they are big and expensive.

– It is not good to make great sins, he began to order the king, but the peasant crossed him:

– What sins? I talking about the hens.

By the time they both got to know – at that moment the liar escaped with the hens. In the deep valley, the brothers ate the hens, drank the wine, but the youngest :-)sighed:

– Well, let’s be able to get into a cellar that’s full of barrels of wine for tonight!

– Why can’t we, replied the eldest. When the evening comes, we’ll go to the biggest winery. We will say that we are wine merchants. As long as we and your brother cheat the owner, you will get into some empty box and you will stay there. When the night comes, the owner will go to sleep, and you will unlock the door from inside and we will move. We’ll drink all night.

As they did, they did. At night, when everything was asleep, the younger one, hidden in the box, unlocked the door of the winery, and the brothers came in. They drink until they are sipped. As they adjusted nicely, the smallest man said:

– Come on, now, let’s sing a song!

And they began to sing.

But the seller heard the noise, called the neighbors to help, and captured the smart heads.

The next day the three idiots were taken with their hands tied where they belong

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