The bundle of sticks

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The oldest khan gathered his sons in his last moments: 

– Dear sons, my days are over.

–Father, no! – cried the youngest one, Altzek- What are we going to do without you?

–I’ll tell you now- said Kubrat- Take that bundle of sticks, Bayan- He pointed to the fireplace  where it was laying and where the sacred fire burned, and Bayan went and took the sticks.

–Now try to break them all at once- the father asked.

Bayan was the oldest and the strongest among Kubrat’s sons which is why they called him Batbayan. He tried to break the bundle with his knee, but nothing happened. He tried a second time, but the sticks didn’t even crack. He tried a third time, with all his strength, but failed.

–I can’t – he said.

–Let the others try- requested Kubrat

One by one each of the other four sons of Kubrat  tried, but none of them was strong enough to break the bundle.

–Give them to me- asked Kubrat

They handed him the bundle and he started to easily break the sticks- one by one.

–This way it’s as easy as cake- yelled at once all of the sons- everybody can break them one by one!

–That’s right- said the father- If you separate after my death, each one of you will break down. But if you stay together, nobody will be able to take you down.

–We understand! –answered the sons all together.

–What have you understood?

–Unity creates strength!

When he heard those words, the great Kubrat smiled happily and died.

Question: Why did Kubrat gather his sons?

  1. To choose his successor.
  2. To give them a precious lesson. 
  3. To give them a treasure.

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