The one who does not work, does not eat

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Once upon a time there was a young and beautiful girl, named Bogdanka. She was the only child of her parents, and because of that she was very spoiled. Her parents did not let her do anything. Her mother was doing all the housework- she was cleaning and cooking. Bogdanka was just sitting there without doing anything. 

 She came of age for marriage, so many wooers started coming to her house.  Every time her mother told them: „ Our daughter does not know how to work. She is very spoiled.“ The wooers immediately  went back after hearing that. 

Once an old man came to her house. He had a son at Bogdanka‘s age and wanted her to become his son‘s wife.  Her mother told him that her daughter was spoiled and did not work at all. The old man said that, in his home, only the people who wanted to work would actually work. Those who did not want to work, just spent their time doing nothing.

The marriage between Bogdanka and the old man‘s son came very soon. The day after the wedding everyone went to work except for Bogdanka. She was just sitting there in some nice clothes and doing nothing.

At lunch time every one sat at the table. Bogdanka was also nearby, but no one called her for eating. Her sisters-in-law  brought the food. They put the bread in front of her father-in-law. The old man divided the bread in pieces but there was not even a small piece for Bogdanka. „What about Bogdanka?“-her mother-in-law said. „She is not hungry. When someone does not work, they do not become hungry.“-her father-in-law said.

After the lunch everyone went to work again. Bogdanka did nothing again. At dinner time the same thing happened again. Her father-in-law did not give her any food. „When someone does not work, they do not become hungry.“- he repeated. 

After dinner everyone went to bed. Bogdanka was very hungry and could not sleep because of that. Early in the morning the next day she woke up before the others. She washed her face, milked the cows, and fed the animals. When the whole family woke up, they were amazed by all the work Bogdanka had done. 

At lunch time her father-in-law gave the biggest part of the bread to Bogdanka. „You have done the most work, so you deserve the biggest piece of bread“-he said. 

In two weeks Bogdanka‘s parents came to visit her at her new home. During that time Bogdanka was working hard. When she saw her parents coming, she ran to them and said: “Mom, dad, start working, quickly! Here the one who does not work, does not eat!“.

Question: Why Bogdanka was not offered any food?

  1. Because she already ate.
  2. Because she was lacking appetite.
  3. Because she was not helping with the house chores.

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