Whatever you do, you do it to yourself

Whatever you do, you do it to yourself

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As he went to ask from house to house, a blind man said to himself,

–          Whatever you do, you do it to yourself!

He was overheard by the woman of the village chorbadja, who was tearing the skins of the poor, and she bowed to him:

–          I know that you are saying this for my husband, but I will teach you a lesson the next time you pass through here

And with her sleeves rolled up, she started to make bread, but before throwing it in the oven she put poison in the dough

In the afternoon the blind man walked near her house again.

When she saw him she called him from the window:

–          Hey, grandpa come here!

And she gave him the bread,

–          Take it, it’s still warm. I made it for you in return for your wise words.

The old man took the bread, thanked the woman, then put it in his bag and went away. He got out of the village and went on through the wide road. Late in the evening somewhere, he met the woman’s son, riding a horse. He was descending from the mountain where his father’s pens were.

–          Hey grandpa,- he told him, when you go to ask for food from people, there is no way you don’t have some bread in that bag. Give me some, my head is spinning from hunger. Up in the mountain they are eating groom, but I can’t eat that.

–          I’ll give you son- said the old man getting the bread out of the bag- Take half of it, a good woman gave it to me earlier.

The son of the Chorbadji grabbed the bread and cried out:

–          Give me the whole thing, you’ll get another one, it’s not like you have something better to do.

And he took a bite of the bread, made from his mother’s hand, he got on the horse and ran off.

By the time he got home, he was already in awful pain. The minute he got into the house he got into bed and said:

–          Mother…I’m dying!

The mother was shocked, then she thought maybe he is poisoned, and asked him what he has eaten

–          Nothing, said the son- only some bread. I have eaten nothing else.

–          Who gave it to you?

–          One beggar. I saw him on the road and he gave me the bread.

When she heard this, the mother screamed:

–          Dear mother, what did I do? The beggar told me, whatever you do, you do it to yourself. He was right but who listens.. he was right..

She shook her head with her fists.

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