Clever Peter

Clever Peter

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Respect for clothes
Clever Peter was a sweetheart. People listened to him with attention, rejoiced in him, and laughed heartily. Therefore, a wedding, baptism, feast or other celebration did not happen without him.
Once a friend of Peter got married. A friend took a boxwood wrist and went to invite him.
“If you come to the wedding, I’ll put you at the table by the godfather!” He told him.

– Thanks, I’ll look to come! Said Peter.
It’s a big wedding. All the wedding guests were dressed in their best dresses. The long table, stretched from end to end of the courtyard, was packed with various dishes, breads and drinks. In the distance, cheerful rumble, songs, whistles, teases and games could be heard.
Clever Peter went to the wedding with his old clothes. Everyone laughed at him. And the friend and the other matchmakers did not invite him to sit at the table.
“The people on the clothes welcome, but on the mind they send!” – thought Heather Peter.
He stood right in the yard, laughed, and returned home. He changed his new clothes and went back to the wedding. As soon as they saw him, his young men paved the way. The father-in-law came, and the godfather rose, shaking hands with Peter, and he sat down between them. They immediately offered him a meal, a glass of wine and invited him:
– Welcome, Peter, have a drink and eat for the health and happiness of the young!…

-Thanks! I wish the house and the table of the young were still full, to live in peace, in love and in joy! – blessed Heather Peter, lifted the bottle and began pouring wine on his clothes.

The marrieds looked surprised.
“What are you doing, Peter?”
“I got my new clothes,” Heather Peter replied. “Let them drink and eat, because you seem to respect them …”

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