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The legend tells that many many years ago, in a small village, two youngsters fell crazy in love. These were Enyo and Stana. They thought about each other all the time. Neither the bread nor their meat were sweet unless they could see each other during the day. 

There was a great burning love between them. They got up in the morning with the thought about each other and in the evening they were lying with the name of their beloved on their mouth. During the days they looked at each other from a distance and sigh.

But Stana`s father had planned something else. He was a rich man and had been minded to give his beautiful daughter to a wealthy man. Without knowing about Stana`s feelings, one day he came back home with the news that he had already found his daughter a worthy husband. All the tears and prayers of the girl did not touch him. And one day, he bettered his daughter in another village. Time passed and the wedding was arranged. Relatives of the future husband came to take the bride. There was no escape for the poor girl from this marriage. When she reached the big bridge over Tundja, she pulled down her veil and threw herself into the river.

When he learned about what has happened, her beloved Enyo got so sick that he suffered from sorrow nine years. He cried and cried without getting up. Even the bed rotted under him. And all that time a drop of rain did not fall from the sky. The river dried up. The cattle and people began to die. The earth cracked and everything dried up.

At the tenth year, Enyo`s sister took the knot from the weaving loom, crossed the rolling pin and wrapped them. She dressed it with a female clothes and put a white veil. She went to her brother with the doll and said:

–          Get up, Enyo, get up, brother! Get up to see your Stana. She is coming to become your wife!

Enyo opened his eyes wide, a smile shined on his face, he outstretched his arms, got up slightly and passed away.

Suddenly, winds started to blow hard. There were heavy rains from the sky. The grass and the fields grew and flourish again. Heards started to bleat. The virgin girls started to sing love songs.

Since then, on Midsummer it has been a custom for people to make Enyova bula (veil). Everyone sing songs for love and well-being/welfare. Finally, girls make singing competition on their herbal wreath to see what kind of boy they are going to fall into. Everyone sings and plays all day long.

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