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It was a long time ago. A large group of loggers set out to cut logs. The caravan was walking, going, and in one place decided to spend the night, as night fell. They released the oxen to graze, collected shrubs and grasses, set fire. They had dinner, talked, and decided to go to work tomorrow. Everyone knew that until the roosters sang, they should not go out of the way, because darkness is the realm of self-wills, self-wills, Jews and other evil forces that can hurt a person.
Everyone is asleep. They slept, they slept, but a logger awoke and saw that the Dawn was in heaven. He thought they had fallen asleep and woke everyone up. Harnessed the cattle and left. No one noticed that they didn’t hear the roosters singing.
They walked, walked and came to a clearing. They heard drones, bagpipes, laughter and shouts. They thought that they had wounded the wedding guests, but realized that there was something unclean and remembered that there was a samodiv horo on the lawn. But nothing was visible. Everyone was silent. They drove the oxen, hurrying to get away, and after that they heard laughter and shouts.

They had come a long way, climbed a peak and looked – there was no one after them. They walked further and descended into a single valley. It was quiet, only the river was noisy. They had to cross it, but the animals made their heads drink water.
A young man asked his companion:
“Was this the Samovod horo we heard on the lawn?”
– Shut up, son!
You just exchanged these words and suddenly in the river they started to murmur, laugh, shout to many naked women. The animals were frightened, the men began to feed them, but the oxen barely walked. The woodworkers fled with great daze. The caravan took over, but by morning all the men had died.
Since then, this star has been called the Lie Caravan, because it often lures passengers and they die.

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