Stone Figures

Stone Figures

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The legend of the healing water of the Pobiti Kamani near Varna city says that many centuries ago, when the sea reached these lands, it was guarded by titans, subordinate to the god of the sea. Near this place there was a small village where a young man lived. One day God revealed to him his name, which he forever vowed to keep this great secret. So he gave him immortality, but he warned him that if he was tempted and revealed his name, he would once again become mortal.

An early morning as the man strolled along the seashore, he saw an incredibly beautiful local maiden. They fell in love at first glance. But when the man returned to the village and questioned the local rulers about her, they told him that this girl was destined to become the wife of the chief of the Marine Titans. Because of his love, he slumped and went to the titans. After talking, he promised them that if the chief of the Marine Titans let go of the girl, the man was ready to fulfill one of their desires. After a brief reflection they turned to him and told him that the girl would be his wife only if he agreed to reveal the name of God to them. The young man asked for a day of reflection and agreed with the guardians of the sea to meet the next day before the sun had risen. The next morning, before dawn, they met on the seashore. The man chose to sacrifice his immortality for the sake of love and told them he was ready to reveal the name of god. Then the man began to arrange the titans on the seashore. When the titans were arranged, he told them: “I have just written the name of God with your bodies.”

God has watched everything and was struck by this incredible act in the name of love. Then he decided to punish the Titans because they touched the most dear to the young man – his immortality.

When the first rays of sunlight lit up the seashore, the sea keepers instantly turned into stone columns, standing in the way the man had arranged them. Shortly thereafter, the man walked along the shore to find his beloved again. The instant they met and hugged, a spring of miraculous healing water sprang from beneath their feet.

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