Take the coin’s sound!

Take the coin’s sound!

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Once Peter The Clever went in the town on a festival. He was walking down the street when he sensed the smell of well cooked food. Then he saw that there was a pot with a meal being cooked at that time in front of an inn near by. The smell of the dish has immediately made Peter hungry. Unfortunately when he checked his pouch there was no money. 

“I have to eat something anyway”-Peter thought.

He stopped in front of the pot and took an old piece of bread out of his bag. Then he held the bread over the dish’s steam in order to soften it.  When the bread became soften Peter ate it and stood up in order to go home. The innkeeper was watching him the whole time. When he saw Peter leaving he yelled at him: “Where are you going?” -he asked. “What do you mean? I am going home.”- Peter was surprised. 

“But you did not pay me!”- the innkeeper said. 

“Pay you about what? ”- Peter asked.

“ You have to pay me for the food you have just eaten!”

“I have just holding my piece of bread over the steam to soften it.”- Peter tried to explain.

“It doesn’t matter! You have to pay me for the steam…” – The innkeeper insisted and grabbed Peter.

During the whole hassle there was a crowd of people watching the scene. Peter looked at the crowd and said: “People, who would lend me a coin to pay the innkeeper? I promise you to return that coin immediately!”

Few people handed him a coin but he took only one. “Here you are. I have eaten your dish’s steam so I am paying you with the coin’s sound!” Peter said and dropped the coin on the pavement. Everyone started laughing at the avid innkeeper and greeted Peter for his ingeniousness. 

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