The Legend of Maritsa, Arda and Tundzha

The Legend of Maritsa, Arda and Tundzha

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These are the names of three big rivers in Bulgaria

Maritsa, Arda and Tundzha were three sisters. Тwo of them were stepdaughters without blood relation between each other and the third one – the mutual kid of the mother and father. They were  all the time wrangling with each other which one of them was more beautiful, which one was working harder and was better than the others. Their parents were pissed off of all these fights, they cursed the three girls and they turned into rivers, but they still did not agree with each other. This time a new fight started which one is faster and still there was no peace. 

Once they decided to lay a bet – they’d  take the road to the sea, then will stay in Edrine and early in the morning they will compete which one would reach the Black Sea first. This would put an end of all arguments that they constantly had. The only arrangement was whoever of them wakes up first to wake up everyone else.  

The youngest sister, Tundza, was clever enough not to go to bed that night –  so that she would wait for the sunrise and head to the seaside first. So, the next morning after cockcrow she departed alone. In an hour the middle sister, Arda, woke up and after noticing that Tundza is gone, she immediately woke up the eldest one, Maritsa. Both of them were so angry that they called down curses on Tundza – that she go through each mountain and forest and she’d open the way for them through the rocks and bushes. 

This is what happened. Tundza was winding between the rocks, crossing the forests and after the older sisters rushed off after her, their way was clear, so that they caught her up quickly. They joined together in one river and headed the way to the seaside. This is why now after Edrine only one river is flowing and this is Maritsa

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