The misfortune

The misfortune

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One logger had two sons. Each time he went out into the woods, he would take one of them as an assistant. Once, the woodworker ran into the car and told his sons:

– Come on, boys, go alone into the forest for the wood, and I’ll stay home for a rest, because I missed a lot.

The boys were glad that they had a chance to cancel their father and drove the car. When leaving the house, the elder turned back and asked his father:

“Dad, if our car is damaged, who will repair it?”

“Don’t worry,” the father replied, “if you break the car, summon the will, it will repair it.”

The boys went into the woods. They were angry, let the oxen graze and grab the axes. Caught to cut. They quickly cut wood, loaded and overloaded the car. Harnessed the cattle again and headed back.

Don’t you think, in the middle of the road, as they descended one downhill, the overloaded car became worse with a broken towbar. Both boys bit their lips: now how are they going to get the car out of the wood? Then the older one thought of his father’s order and began to shout as much as his voice held: 

– It’s bad! It’s bad! Come fix our car!
No one called.
– No! the little one’s voice echoed. – Come on, we’re in trouble!
But the forest was deaf and there was no distress. It was getting dark. The birds returned to their nests. A pale moon appeared in the sky.
“Bat,” said the younger brother, “it appeared that this damn wickedness would not come.” Who knows where she got stuck in the desert – she is probably repairing another car or lying under a tree. Come on, let’s fix the car ourselves.- How? the older one asked. “It’s not an easy job.- We will cut a new tow from dry dry wood, we will cut it and it is ready!

Said, done. The two agile boys ran up, found a dry dogwood, cut it, cut it nice, made a new drawbar and put it in the place of the broken one. They drove the car home. As they unloaded the trees, they told their father what had happened.

“Leave it, Dad, we broke the towbar in the middle of the road. We got into shouting for trouble. We shouted, we shouted, our throats broke, but she didn’t call as if she had sunk into the ground. Then we banned ourselves and made a new towbar, stronger than the old one.

The father smiled and said,

“Oh, boys, you were looking for the desolation of the desert, and she was with you. It was your own will that helped you repair your car. Think a little bit and you’ll know I’m right.

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