The seven Rila lakes

The seven Rila lakes

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The legend tells about two giants who lived on Rila mountain long before humans came on Earth. They were madly in love  and worshiped their beautiful home which was quiet, sunny, warm and every creature was charmed of it. 

Unfortunately, evil powers passed by their lovely home and got jealous of its beauty. They got angry and decided to ruin their love and home. They started sending horrible winds, storms and scary earthquakes.

The male giant fought bravely to protect every flower and stream, he defended his love one and resisted. This only angried the evil powers more and didn’t want to step back but to finish their deed till the end.

In a difficult battle the male giant lost. Pleased with themselves the evil powers went aways for good but left ruins of rocks, enormous valleys and a grieving woman. The pain of the young widow was so great  that her tears didn’t stop running and started forming lakes at the bottom of the valleys.

Under the lake “The kidney” guides show a big rock where a man and a woman are shown. According to the legend that’s the two giants who will always watch over their beautiful home.

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