“Open Library” – was our working titlle

Faced with the reality of living and working in a multicultural environment, we need to know more about other cultures. In order to open a window to another culture, we should learn different languages.  This is important for all of us (working in multinternational environment), for migrants (who need to settle in new countries where foreign languages are spoken and maybe different cultural values are shared), even for the curious tourists, discovering the world and its beauty.

Therefore, the aim of Open Library project is to involve young people in the creation of easily accessible educational tools suitable both for language learning and cultural education.  We have chosen myths and legends as source of language learning material, because they have this added value of teaching foreigners’ behavioral models, traditions and practices of other cultures. These stories are selected, adapted, recorded and translated in several languages by young people from Bulgaria, Italy, Latvia and Egypt and then they are available on the web-based platform: www.myths.studio  with free assess.

Around 140 textbooks and audio-files are realized for the period of 1 year and a half. The work of these young people is significant! And we THANKS them for their work and passion. You are able to take advantage of them in any free moment of the day, even when waiting for the bus. In such a way, it will be handy and easy to study, learn and get aware of cultural diversity!

The project realized with financial support of European program “Erasmus+”, National agency for Bulgaria – Human resource development center

In a partnership of: